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Good Riddance.

My sophomore year began like any ol' college semester. It was normal. I really was having a bit of an identity crisis throughout the course of first semester... You're laughing, I know. I wasn't entirely sure where I was going with my major, my relationship, myself. I really wasn't sure of much of anything, actually.

So I tried a disgusting amount to make sure I never felt like that again... To make sure I never felt unsure, unaware, or insecure. I changed my major, I worked hard at my relationship, I worked hard to make myself happy. And I did. But in true natural fashion, things in life happen. Second semester of sophomore year began on kind of a rocky surface anyway. If you've kept up with my writing, you'll know this entire blog began because of a few really unfortunate experiences I had. They were painful, they sat in my brain and consumed my thoughts, they made me into a different person. One of them was my story to tell, so I did. The other is not my sto…